Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Hollywood Ending : Robyn Sisman

Price: RM15.00
(Retail price: RM35.90)
Condition: Brand new
Status: Available

Spoilt Hollywood star Paige Carson flees to London when her career and personal life hit disaster. By accepting a stage role in a Shakespeare play she intends to prove that she is a real actress and to find herself a real man in between rehearsals.

But can she survive without her entourage?

How will she get places without her driver?

Who’s going to, like, pay for stuff?

And what’s with English men, especially her disdainful neighbor, Ed?

Either this is the biggest mistake of her life, or Paige is going to have to learn fast to stand on her own immaculately pedicured feet.

“Heart-poundingly romantic and achingly funny.” Company

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